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Silver member Ainstein launches second generation object detection sensors.

By October 15, 2019Announcements
From left to right, US-D1, SRD-D1, OcPoC Zynq Mini

Dronecode is excited to announce that Silver Member Ainstein AI is launching the new generation of their object detection radar with an exclusive promotion to the community.

Ainstein is excited to launch its second-generation sensor in the μSharp Patch product line, the SRD-D1. This low cost and lightweight object detection radar allow drones to understand their surroundings in all weather conditions better. Radar sensing is expected to be a requirement for BVLOS and Drone Delivery systems.

Ainstien is also driving the development of radar-based compact, robust, and highly accurate altitude sensors. Their US-D1 radar altimeter enables the autonomous operation and highly accurate altitude control in conditions where laser sensors fail, such as during crop spraying, in fog, or over water. US-D1 is also easy to integrate with a Pixhawk, and the PX4 flight stack.

Bringing it all together is Ainstein’s flagship product, the OcPoC Zynq Mini Flight Controller, the world’s original FPGA based flight controller. The OcPoC Zynq comes loaded with embedded Linux, PX4, and an abundance of I/O.

Ainstein is proud to offer these three products on their virtual storefront’ They offer all of our products individually and in bundles. Ainstein also provides integration/consulting support packages.

They are offering special pricing to members of the Dronecode community until the end of November. Just use the discount code ‘DRONECODE’ at checkout for 10% off of your entire purchase.

Ainstein has been developing radar sensors for drone applications for over 5 years. They are highly involved with the FAA and the development of drone regulations. They actively support testing sites across the country. Ainstein’s CEO, Dr. Zongbo Wang, is highly committed to the drone industry and is confident in its continued growth. In 2018 Dr. Wang was a participating member on the Dronecode Board of Directors.

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