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Technical Steering Committee (TSC)


The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is responsible for managing the technical aspects of the Dronecode organization (as outlined in the TSC Charter). The TSC creates and oversees Working Groups (WG) addressing specific technical areas and providing an interface to the Board of Directors to align Dronecode strategic and technical direction.

The Technical Steering Committee is established from the project leads from the top-level projects under the Dronecode Foundation and a representative designated by each of the Platinum members. The Dronecode Foundation, as defined on the TSC Charter, will operate transparently, openly, collaboratively, and ethically.

Current TSC members (2021)

The TSC includes elected leads and maintainers from top-level projects. The current membership is listed below:

  • Daniel Agar (PX4 Maintainer) — TSC Chairman
  • Julian Oes (Auterion) — MAVSDK Maintainer
  • Lorenz Meier (Auterion) — Platinum Member

Meetings and Coordination

TSC members meet bi-weekly to discuss project coordination, and from time to time, they might elect to invite project contributors and work-group leads as presenters. Issues requiring a vote are restricted to formal TSC members.