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The NuttX International Workshop 2019

By July 31, 2019Announcements

On July 16, 17, the NuttX community met in the Netherlands for two days of NuttX sessions and workshops by top contributors to the project. Dronecode celebrates the gathering and supports the future of the project. The event was attended by PX4 community members who share the love for NuttX, and organizations who support open-source such as Auterion, and NXP.

We look forward to deeper collaboration with the NuttX community in the future.

NuttX author and lead maintainer Gregg Nutt shared his personal insights from the event.

“The event was a success, presentations were exciting and top-notch, the hospitality of the host Technolution, B.V. was flawless. The experience of finally meeting people with whom you have worked together for a decade or more was profoundly moving. Even better, spending an evening together drinking those great Dutch beers.

For me, personally, it was the culmination of a very long journey from the earliest days in the mid-1990s when the OS was just a thought experiment starting with a handful of files. There were a few initial OS-related Open Source projects and continued low-pace development through the early 2000s until the initial release of the first, complete NuttX-1.0 RTOS on February 7, 2007. In those early days, people scoffed at yet-another-open-source-rtos. But I persisted because my primary interest has always been in producing the “perfect” RTOS, at least the RTOS that I always wanted to use.

This has been an effort of love. There has never been a corporate sponsor. The project was never motivated by any commercial interest. I have never made money from the RTOS (other than through related contracted). Nor have I ever been in any competition with other open-source RTOS. I make an effort to always speak positively of all other open-source RTOS projects. People and corporations that provide open-source software to the community are all deserving of respect. Take the money out of the equation, and there is no reason to feel competitive.

So from those humble beginnings as an under-appreciated, personal project to its broad acceptance as demonstrated at NuttX2019, it’s been a long evolution. At this point, it is clear that it is no longer my personal project, but, instead, belongs to the world. My gratification and thankfulness to all those who have supported the RTOS are boundless.”

Gregory Nutt, NuttX Author
© Alan Carvalho
© Alan Carvalho


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