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FLIR joins Dronecode to help create an open standard interface for thermal cameras

By October 31, 2019Announcements
Dronecode Welcomes FLIR Systems as a Silver Member

The US-based company brings the open-source community years of experience integrating thermal imaging sensors and other sensing solutions that expand situational awareness in a variety of form-factors. These include everything from cars to mobile phones and drones.

Dronecode, home to the PX4 Stack, is thrilled to announce that leading thermal imaging and sensing technology producer, FLIR Systems Inc., is joining Dronecode as a Silver member. As part of the membership, FLIR will join the newly created “Payload” working-group.

Payload working-group

FLIR Systems is the payload working group’s newest member, which focuses on cross-vendor payload integrations by developing standard interfaces for MAVLink-ready devices and systems.

“FLIR is thrilled to join the Dronecode Payload Working Group, and we look forward to supporting its efforts to develop standard, open-source interfaces for thermal camera payloads,”

Bob Proebstel, Senior Systems Engineer, FLIR Systems.

“Collaborating in the creation and maintenance of open standards and open software is at the heart of the Dronecode community, so we are thrilled to have FLIR bring its years of experience within the drone industry into the payload working group,”

Dr. Lorenz Meier, Auterion Co-Founder, PX4 Creator, and Working Group lead.

Join the working-group and start collaborating on standard payload interfaces

Dronecode is inviting the community to join the conversation. The payload working group will be starting meetings soon and is actively looking for companies who would like to collaborate in the creation of a standard payload interface.

Join the workgroup

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