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PX4 Developer Summit 2019 Survey Results

By July 9, 2019Announcements
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The PX4 Developer Summit announced on May 21st, in only four-weeks gathered 198 community members for two-days on the lecture halls of historic ETH Zürich. The format of the event was single-track, with nineteen sessions by twenty-two speakers who gave a quick history of the projects, a run down through the current features and discussed future work (Roadmap), inviting attendees to contribute, each session made interactive by a very participate audience. 

After the Summit, Dronecode sent a survey, with 19% of attendees responding, here’s what they have to say:

“I have attended a number of developer conferences before and this event was really head and shoulders above them. Main reason is that it really made you feel part of the community”

Community Member, Overall Rating 5 out of 5.

Crucial statistics behind the event

  • 79 Participating companies and Education Institutions
  • 193 Attendees
  • 18 Countries
  • 19 Sessions
  • 22 Speakers

19.8% of Attendees responded

  • 4.7 Overall event satisfaction (1-5 scale)
    • 4.9 Staff
    • 4.6 Demos
    • 4.5 Networking
    • 4.5 Venue
    • 4.4 Speakers
    • 3.8 Refreshments
  • Extremely likely to recommend the event to a friend or colleague.
  • 85% audience between 25-49

More than half want to repeat the event in Zürich

Probably not a surprise, but attendees loved visiting Switzerland, and would like to repeat the location for the next Summit, while 29% would like to have an event in the USA, and 13% in Asia.

  1. 52% would like to repeat in Zürich.
  2. 16% in the Bay Area, California
  3. 13% in the USA (Combined results, San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle)
  4. 13% in Asia (Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo)

Good news is we are planning events close to most of the locations above, stay tuned for more news from Dronecode.

You can also experience the Summit

If you attended and want to relive the experience, or if you missed it and want to experience it for yourself, Dronecode made the recordings from the sessions available on the PX4 Autopilot YouTube channel, make sure to subscribe, like the videos, and leave your comments.

(click image to go to the PX4 Autopilot YouTube channel)

We thank the community for participating in the survey and joining us in Zürich.

Ramón Roche

Author Ramón Roche

Ramon is Dronecode's General Manager, you can read more about him on LinkedIn

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