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All the content from the PX4 Developer Summit

By July 3, 2019Announcements

The first-ever developer summit was a success, with 200 community members attending the event from 18 different countries, the lecture room was full with energy and hunger for knowledge, Dronecode was honored to host the event and provide the space for the community to gather.

As mentioned before all sessions during the summit are recorded, you can now see them live on the official PX4 Autopilot YouTube channel 🎉.

First-hand Impressions from community leaders during the Summit.

Our media partner InterDrone interviewed community members during the Summit and recently published their newest podcast episode titled:

A 360° View of the Open Source Drone Developer Community

In this emotionally charged episode, we try to give a clear picture of the community, and what drives developers and their projects. We hope you enjoy it.

Ramón Roche

Author Ramón Roche

Ramon is Dronecode's General Manager, you can read more about him on LinkedIn

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