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Platinum member Auterion and Gold member NXP join forces to enable next-generation secure drone fleets.

By July 15, 2020July 16th, 2020Announcements

Two of the leading members of the PX4 open source community announced last week during the PX4 Developer Summit | Virtual 2020, a collaboration to develop integrated hardware and software solutions for the UAV industry.

The addition of industrial and automotive parts from NXP Semiconductors portfolio enhances the security in drones and rovers. This relationship will ensure a bright future for the enterprise adoption of the PX4 Autopilot, where functional safety is paramount.

“This partnership will enable the mobile robotics community with the components meeting quality specifications needed to ensure functional safety and security in drones and rovers based on reliable long-life industrial and automotive parts and reference designs”,

“We have been participating in the open-source PX4 community for several years now and with this close relationship with Auterion, and Auterion Enterprise PX4, we are excited to work together to ensure these vehicles are prepared to meet current and future regulations and standards governing modular safe drone architectures.”

Iain Galloway, Drone Program Lead, Systems Innovation, NXP.

“Safety is the number one priority in commercial drone operations. NXP’s leading position as a semiconductor provider for safety-critical automotive applications is the perfect pairing for Auterion’s enterprise-grade drone software platform”,

“Together, we will be able to provide integrated hardware and software solutions to the drone industry that combine high-performance compute with safety-first engineering.”

Lorenz Meier, co-founder and CEO, Auterion.

Dronecode celebrates the agreement between the two giants and welcomes the effort to bring high reliable hardware and software based on open source to the industry.

Read the full press release here »

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