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HoverGames Challenge 2: by Gold member NXP

By June 18, 2020Announcements

After the great success of the first HoverGames challenge “Fight Fire with Flyers,” the Drone team at NXP set out to inspire developers once again to help others by polishing their development skills, this time by creating new ways to use drones to help healthcare and frontline workers. Hosted by Dronecode partner

HoverGames Challenge 2: Help Drones Help Others

NXP is inviting drone developers and roboticists to imagine new creative ways to help others during a pandemic. Some examples include disinfecting surfaces, medicine delivery, dispensing hand sanitizer, delivering nasal and throat samples for testing, or even connecting people in isolation.

An open invitation to the PX4 community of developers

Gold member NXP, and Dronecode want to extend an invitation to the PX4 community at large to participate in the challenge, we received tremendous support in the original challenge, and we are excited to announce that Dronecode will be a judge once again.

Contest Judges

  • Arm
  • Platinum Member, Auterion
  • Dronecode
  • Emcraft
  • Gold Member, NXP

You have to act fast before they are gone.

Similar to the first challenge, you are required to use the HoverGames hardware to compete in the challenge. The HoverGames drone development kit is a modular open development platform that contains everything you need to compete on the challenge, the package includes:

  • A Flight Management Unit (RRDRONE-FMUK66) with the latest stable release of PX4 Autopilot pre-installed.
  • A sturdy carbon fiber quadcopter frame
  • Telemetry radio and remote (RC) control
  • New to this challenge, an 8MMNavQ companion computer, using NXP i.MX 8M Mini Vision development board, with a camera module that runs Linux and ROS
  • All of this for $300 (a $400 discount!)

Best of all, if you already have a HoverGames kit from the previous challenge, you can upgrade your equipment for $50, and receive an 8MMNavQ companion computer.

Incredible Prizes

  • 1st Place – $3,000 Electronic Visa Gift Card
  • 2nd Place – $2,000 Electronic Visa Gift Card
  • 3rd Place – $1,000 Electronic Visa Gift Card

Bonus Prizes

  • 40 winners will receive up to $100 worth of NXP hardware
  • 4 winners will receive a $1,000 special price from NXP Partners, rewarding the most innovative idea, best use of PX4, and more!
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