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A bright future for PX4 and AirSim, thanks to Gold member Microsoft

By July 15, 2020July 16th, 2020Announcements

Last year Microsoft joined Dronecode as a Gold Member to collaborate with the PX4 open-source community thanks to their AirSim integration into PX4. Since then, AirSim has passed 10,000 ✨ stars on Github, and we are seeing increased developer adoption of the AirSim/PX4 workflow for testing and simulation. 

Learn more about our continuous integration effort in Microsoft’s blog »

Catch-up on the #PX4DevSummit

Microsoft was a proud Gold sponsor of the PX4 Developer Summit last-week (July 6 & 7), where we had some key team members from the AirSim team present the latest developments.

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  • Microsoft AirSim: Applications to Research and Industry 
  • Ratnesh Madaan, Research Software Development Engineer, Microsoft
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  • Guada Casuso, Principal Product Manager of Autonomous Systems, Microsoft; 
  • Paul Stubbs, Director AI Marketing, Microsoft

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