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HoverGames 3 Land, Sky, Food Supply

By November 1, 2022Announcements

NXP’s HoverGames design challenge is back! This time the contest theme is supporting sustainable food production by using mobile robotics technology. 

Up to $9500 award money will be sponsored by NXP, and Dronecode Foundation is sponsoring prize winners to attend the PX4 Developer Summit 2023. 1st prize winner of Hovergames 3 will receive complimentary tickets + travel stipend/scholarship for up to 2 people. 2nd and 3rd prize Hovergames 3 winners will get free tickets.

This contest gives developers access to the first release of NXP’s all-new NAVQPlus(NAVQ+) mission computer, which features a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), hardware accelerated multimedia (incl h.265), Edgelock secure element with NFC interface, dual MIPI-CSI camera port, dual Ethernet –  “IX industrial” Gigabit Ethernet & “Two wire” 100base-T1 Ethernet, dual CAN-FD, Wi-Fi 6 / Bluetooth 5.1 on board. 

Bosch Sensortec is adding a sustainability award to the prize pool this year for applications demonstrating the best use of its sensor AI technology. For example, in a drone or rover application, the presence of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) can be used as an indicator for bacteria growth in food crops. The all-new BME688 AI-enabled environmental gas sensor can detect a broad range of gases in the part per billion (ppb) range, and the gas scanner can be customized for sensitivity, selectivity, data rate, and power consumption and can be trained to a specific application using the Bosch BME AI-Studio tool. 

100 proposals will be selected to be rewarded with free sensor components and coupons for purchasing the drone/rover hardware bundle. 

Learn more about the contest and apply for hardware before November 21th here: Hardware Application

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