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Watts Innovations Joins Dronecode

By January 17, 2023Announcements

Watts Innovations today joins Dronecode to collaborate with the open-source community. They are the creators of PRISM SKY, which DroneUp uses for drone deliveries. By joining the Dronecode Foundation, they aim to promote the ongoing advancement of open standards for the overall betterment of the industry.

“​​We are thrilled to announce that Watts Innovations has joined the Dronecode Foundation as a Silver member partner. We understand the importance of standards and open-source development in driving innovation and growth in the drone industry. Through collaboration with the PX4 community and other industry leaders, we aim to shape the future of the unmanned vehicle ecosystem and provide advanced, reliable solutions to our customers. We look forward to contributing to the Dronecode platform and working with the community to drive further innovation and growth in the industry.”

said Bobby Watts, CEO & Principal Engineer

Watt’s products are used everywhere, from the sets of Hollywood to deliveries from retail giants; their drones are trusted by large-scale commercial enterprises where reliability can’t be an afterthought.

Watts Innovations is best known for its excellent hardware, with NDAA-compliant products such as the WATTS Smart LiPo for heavy lift aircraft that leverages DroneCAN, KONTACT, a handheld ground control station harnessing the power of QGroundControl, and the PRISM SKY, the latest iteration of their PRISM platform made for cargo.

Innovation is more than just a part of the Watts name. From its genesis as a garage project to building drones modified to handle unpredictable shooting and delivery environments, it has advanced the field of aerial robotics by answering directly to clients’ needs.

Watch Bobby Watts, CEO of Watts Innovations, on Episode #6 of our podcast Behind The Tech, where he breaks down the importance of standards for the drone industry and their motivations behind embracing open technologies.

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