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Gold Member NXP: HoverGames 2 Winners Announced

By March 4, 2021Announcements

The HoverGames Challenge 2 “Help Drones, Help Others During Pandemics” has officially ended, and we have the final results. We couldn’t be happier with the level of participation from the wider robotics community. 

The challenge consisted of coming up with innovative ways for drones to help people in need, in any way possible, while using the HoverGames Hardware Kit, which consisted of:

  • NXP Drone Kit (HGDRONEK66) with the latest PX4 Autopilot pre-installed.
  • NavQ Vision System (i.MX 8M Mini)
  • MIPI-CSI (Camera) & MIPI-DSI (Display)
  • Google Coral camera module

With more than 600 participants and 55 submissions, the HoverGames challenge was a total success.

We want to congratulate all the contestants, in particular, the winners three the contest, all using the latest PX4 Autopilot and MAVSDK releases to achieve their goals:

We also want to recognize the tremendous effort by the “Drone Coder” award winner: A Multifunctional Community Helper Drone

We encourage our readers to take a deep dive into the magnificent submissions on the huckster website, we are sure you are going to find more than a few that are more than noteworthy.

Ramón Roche

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