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Viewpro joins the Dronecode Foundation to collaborate on Gimbal and Camera payload Open Standards

By March 5, 2021March 8th, 2021Announcements

Viewpro joins as a Silver member to collaborate with the community and accelerate the development of Open Standards that enable stable, practical, and highly cost-effective payloads for industrial and commercial applications.

“We would like to share the results and experience we already got in the payload field with the community and reach more progress and success with other members in Dronecode Foundation in the near future.”

by Steven Xue, founder of Viewpro.

Established in 2005, Viewpro is a Hi-tech manufacturer specializing in R&D and manufacturing cutting-edge zoom gimbal cameras for industrial and commercial Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV).

With a strong R&D team, Viewpro focuses on research and innovation at image processing, optical zoom algorithm, object tracking, object GPS location resolving, and camera stabilizing solutions based on direct drive brushless motors.

“Viewpro is an industry leader and manufacturer that brings years of experience in the payload sector to our workgroups and special interest groups, and we are thrilled with their support.”

Ramón Roche, Program Manager, Dronecode Foundation

Viewpro has an extensive product range of professional-grade gimbal cameras used daily on Helicopters, Fixed Wings, and Multi-Rotors, through our industry’s many verticals, such as Construction, Defense, Security, Energy, and Infrastructure, to mention a few.

All of the Viewpro gimbal cameras are MAVLink compatible. Their products cover various frequently required functions, including object tracking, EO and IR dual sensors PIP display, laser rangefinder, and IR laser illumination for night vision.

In May 2020, Viewpro launched a new service for its gimbal camera users called Viewlink. With lots of praise from the community. Viewlink is a comprehensive application that supports control via IP/TCP Ethernet and Serial Port. Viewlink helps their customers with firmware upgrades, updating camera settings, and enables remote control of channel settings.

Viewlink wasn’t their only release last year. They also introduced Viewport, a quick setup and release mechanism designed by their R&D team. The light design and convenient operation method made it highly popular among their customers, and its rapidly becoming their defacto standard.

Ramón Roche

Author Ramón Roche

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