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Gumstix Joins the Dronecode Foundation to support the Open Standard efforts driving the Drone Industry.

By March 4, 2021Announcements

Gumstix joins the Dronecode Foundation as a Silver member to collaborate closely with members on the next generation Pixhawk Open Standards, bringing their years of experience in the Linux space to the Drone Industry.

Gumstix Inc. was founded in 2003 on the belief that market demand for next-generation computing, particularly products that support open-source solutions such as Linux, would drive modular device components requirements.

Today, Gumstix focuses on creating embedded hardware designed for rapid prototyping and deployment. All Gumstix devices are designed in Upverter, an open-source, browser-based design tool. All Upverter reference templates can be quickly copied and customized to users’ specific requirements.  

Introducing the latest Pixhawk Standard FMUv6U

Traditionally the Pixhawk project has seen a single major product release with each FMU iteration. Starting this year, we are extending the Pixhawk family with multiple variants, and today Gumstix is officially launching FMUv6U, making it available to all Upverter users.

Gumstix hopes to change the way users prototype and build drones, thanks to the FMUv6U. The addition of the FMUv6U into Upverter gives users the tools to achieve their custom design while adhering to the Pixhawk Standards. We hope this leads to a quantum leap in the number of different drone designs and will ultimately improve the wider community.

“The Dronecode Foundation is thrilled to have Gumstix as a partner, creating new designs based on the Open Standards designed under our workgroups, with collaboration from our members. With the addition of the FMUv6U into Upverter, we hope to streamline the manufacturing process for makers, benefiting the wider Drone industry.”

Ramón Roche, Program Manager, the Dronecode Foundation.

The FMUv6U module is now available in the Upverter module library. Gumstix engineers are very excited to be contributing to the Pixhawk project and the wider Dronecode Foundation community by implementing the FMUv6U standard in Upverter, hoping to facilitate the rapid development of new and innovative PX4 Autopilot based drone designs.

“One of the many privileges of working at Gumstix is seeing the ingenious designs made in Upverter. I’m eager to see how the addition of the FMUv6U into Upverter inspires the next generation of drone systems.”

Andrew C. Smith, Manager, Product Development and Engineering, Smart Manufacturing, Altium. 

The Pixhawk FMUv6U is available today.

To showcase the FMUv6U module, Gumstix designed a state-of-the-art FMUv6U-based board that leverages the power of the Raspberry Pi CM4 with Coral Intelligence, the Gumstix Raspberry Pi CM4 + Pixhawk FMUv6U comes with the PX4 Autopilot pre-installed and is available for purchase today.

Gumstix Raspberry Pi CM4 + Pixhawk FMUv6U Specs:
  • Raspberry Pi CM4 connector
  • Dual raspberry Pi Camera connectors
  • Serial console over USB
  • USB Type-C power delivery
  • STMicro STM32H753 MCU
  • Pixhawk GPS, analog power, RC, and CAN connectors
  • 8 PWM outputs
  • On-board accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope
  • On-board barometer
  • Google Edge TPU

About Upverter

Upverter is a browser-based electronics design environment for creating and manufacturing embedded systems and printed circuit boards—all from a single application. Users of all levels can layout PCB designs in minutes, preview 3D designs, and receive real-time validation. Free instant design documentation, on-demand pricing, and software support packages are available for reviewing and sharing. Upverter manufacturing automates the PCB routing, BOM, fabs, and assembly process. All Upverter boards are delivered pretested and fully assembled, reducing engineering costs and design errors. Upverter is an Altium brand. Visit Upverter

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