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Copter Express joins Dronecode to support the open-source community.

By November 13, 2019Announcements

Moscow based Copter Express today joins Dronecode to collaborate with the open-source community. The company behind the Clover Drone Kit joins as a Silver member. By becoming a member of the Dronecode community, they hope to help create a top of the line software stack.

“Doing aerial robotics education for five years, we are focusing on creating an international environment for the growth of young talents. I think the Dronecode community is the best place for young enthusiasts to find like-minded partners to create the future of drones”

– Oleg Ponfilenok, CEO at COEX.

COEX is currently selling its educational platform through Indiegogo. Clover is a programmable educational quadcopter kit that consists of accessible open source components, and the necessary documentation and libraries for controlling it.

The Clover Drone Kit from Copter Express

The kit includes a Pixracer flight controller with the PX4 flight stack, a Raspberry Pi 4 as a controlling onboard computer, and a camera module for performing flights with the use of computer vision, as well as a set of various sensors and other peripherals.

COEX is no stranger to the community, just this past June, their leadership team gave a great talk on the PX4 Developer Summit titled “PX4 in STEM education: How e taught a thousand students how to program drones”. One of the best-received presentations of the show.

Andrei Korigodskii CTO, Aleksey Shlykov COO, and Oleg Kalachev Lead Developer, during the PX4 Developer Summit, June 2019.

They have also just hosted the biggest PX4 hackathon of the year “COPTERHACK’19” on October 11-13, they were able to bring together more 480 participants from 51 teams.


We thank Copter Express for their trust, and support of open-source technologies.

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