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Blue Robotics contributes Two major MAVLink projects to the Open Source Community

By August 7, 2023Announcements, News

Hello Dronecode community,

We are thrilled to announce an exciting development in our mission to foster open-source software for uncrewed vehicles. Two web empower tools, MAVLink2Rest and MAVLink Camera Manager, have officially migrated from their original creators to the MAVLink organization.

A Brief History

MAVLink2Rest and MAVLink Camera Manager were initially developed by Patrick Pereira (patrickelectric) as proof of concept for the companion system for Blue Robotics, the project now known as BlueOS. MAVLink2Rest aims to provide a RESTful API over the MAVLink protocol, facilitating seamless communication between uncrewed systems and web applications. MAVLink Camera Manager is an extensible, cross-platform camera server with a RESTful API to control and create camera streams, providing MAVLink integration with ground control stations that implement the MAVLink Camera Protocol.

The move is a significant step forward. It recognizes the tools’ importance in the community and ensures their continued development and maintenance under the new organization. This move will facilitate greater collaboration and ensure their alignment with the broader MAVLink ecosystem.

A Word of Thanks

We want to thank Patrick for his contributions to the MAVLink organization. His work on MAVLink2Rest and MAVLink Camera Manager has paved the way for innovative web-based drone solutions. We also want to thank Blue Robotics for their financial support in developing these tools. Their commitment to open-source solutions continues to drive the industry forward for open skies and open waters.

Looking Ahead

As we embark on this new journey, we look forward to the continued growth and development of MAVLink2Rest and MAVLink Camera Manager under the MAVLink organization. We are excited about this migration’s possibilities and can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, happy flying!

Ramón Roche

Author Ramón Roche

Ramon is Dronecode's General Manager, you can read more about him on LinkedIn

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