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Welcome SIYI Technology as Silver Member

By August 1, 2023Announcements

SIYI Technology has joined Dronecode as a Silver Member to invest in bringing its users a next-level experience and expand upon its already respected product line by integrating closely with the PX4 ecosystem.

SIYI Technology relies on wireless HD image transmission technologies, gimbal control and motor drive technologies, camera imaging technologies, control system, AI algorithms, and built-smart robotic ecology. Grateful for the support and trust of customers, SIYI can maintain mutual-benefit interaction with the PX4 community through the actual application of our products in a large number of scenarios.

CEO of SIYI Technology – Mr Luo Xiaogang

SIYI’s suite of products already features a wide range of top-tier drone hardware from autopilots and gimbals all the way up to complete multirotor drone packages. Its airframes, gimbals, and sensors are deployed in a variety of enterprise applications, from agriculture to commercial inspection. Both the PX4 ecosystem and SIYI will benefit greatly from the cross-pollination of ideas and new solutions SIYI will bring to the PX4 developer community as a member of Dronecode.

We believe that establishing direct contact with the Dronecode Foundation can greatly enhance the user experience of SIYI products under the PX4 ecosystem and significantly promote the prosperity and development of the open-source ecosystem of drones and smart robots. In the coming period, SIYI’s development team and manufacturing department will collaborate to launch many interesting, competitive, and high-quality products. Stay tuned!

CEO of SIYI Technology – Mr Luo Xiaogang
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