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Technical Steering Committee – April 2017 Update

By April 20, 2017April 24th, 2017Announcements

The TSC is responsible for managing the technical aspects of the Dronecode organization. The TSC oversees the Working Groups (WG) and provides an interface to the board to align Dronecode strategic and technical direction.


The Dronecode TSC held their monthly meeting on April 10th. Much of the meeting focused around the TSC and WG processes, and communication channels.

There are several active WGs. The WGs provide monthly status updates through the Dronecode blog. Here is a brief overview of the various WGs:

  • Safety WG
    • The Safety WG is taking a systems approach to safety, ensuring that safety is built in at all levels — from the vehicle itself to the airspace, operator, ground and data. We are currently seeking a Dronecode system-based FAA waiver for operations beyond those permitted under the regular Part 107 rules. This application can then be the foundation of a process for certifying Dronecode-based UAVs.
  • Camera WG
    • Intel announced their discovery and RTPS streaming API on PX4 discuss
    • Qualcomm provided links to the platform independent libcamera APIs used in Snapdragon flight for review
    • The Camera WGs (there are 2) have not yet established regular meetings
  • Messaging WG
    • eProsima has demoed using CDR to pass uORB topic info from Pixracer to RPi and make the topic info available via Fast RTPS
    • Created Yocto recipe for building FastRTPS
    • Built and ran FastRTPS on Snapdragon Flight
    • Set goal of supporting PX4 Optical Flow demo using FastRTPS
  • Code Quality WG
    • The Code Quality WG is focused on ways to provide incremental improvements to Dronecode project code quality and testing
      • Members have been discussing the scope and resources available
  • Documentation WG
    • Significant documentation improvements:
      • Migrated PX4 User Guide from WordPress to Gitbook:
      • Enabled translation for PX4 and QGroundControl User and Developer Guides!
      • Added a number of useful Gitbook plugins to make the documentation more useful (including in-page table of contents).
      • Added/updated improved parameter reference to Dev Guide and User Guide.
    • Progressed Dronecode website refresh and have broadly completed content and design. Hoping to be able to launch new version this calendar month (this is partially dependent on Linux Foundation resources).
  • User Experience (UX) WG
    • Working with Document WG on improving the UX of the Dronecode website
    • Held first open, monthly WG meeting
      • Defined and ratified Charter
      • Agreed to start work on Dronecode user profile research


  • TSC and WG members are still busy with their day-jobs and it’s difficult to get focused attention on Dronecode issues

Plan for next month

  • Hold monthly TSC meeting and provide monthly update
  • Summarize TSC activities for the Dronecode Board Meeting
  • Follow up on action times from last TSC meeting

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