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Documentation Working Group – April 2017 Update

By April 20, 2017December 6th, 2018Announcements

The Documentation Working Group (WG) is tasked to improve the Dronecode and project sites and to extend and maintain developer and user documentation. The last month was productive, resulting in a number of significant achievements.


  • Significant documentation improvements:
    • Migrated PX4 User Guide from WordPress to Gitbook:
    • Enabled translation for PX4 and QGroundControl User and Developer Guides!
    • Added a number of useful Gitbook plugins to make the documentation more useful (including in-page table of contents).
    • Added/updated improved parameter reference to Dev Guide and User Guide.
  • Progressed Dronecode website refresh and have broadly completed content and design. Hoping to be able to launch new version this calendar month (this is partially dependent on Linux Foundation resources).

The team discussed (and is still working on) how to:

  • Create a compelling and unified Dronecode platform story across project websites
  • Document and updating the Dronecode roadmap and release cycle
  • Deliver project messaging, marketing and enable member recruiting.
  • Improving user and development guide documentation
  • Engage with translation communities


WG members are sometimes unable to focus on Dronecode issues due to other commitments.
Getting information about Dronecode roadmap has proved difficult.

Plan for next month

  • Launch the refreshed Dronecode website.
  • Engage translation teams to get Chinese translation on site.
  • Agree common footer/header/look and feel for Dronecode sites and roll out to QGroundControl.
  • Continue documentation improvements for PX4 User Guide
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