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Code Quality Working Group – April 2017 Update

By April 24, 2017Announcements

The Code Quality Working Group (WG) is focused on ways to provide incremental improvements to Dronecode project code quality and testing.

NOTE: The Code Quality working group is looking for members! If you have an interest in continuous integration, automation, and software development tooling and would like to participate, please contact Daniel Agar (


This month we’ve made initial plans to build an automated system testing framework for PX4. This will allow a common set of tests to be automatically deployed and run across all the major DroneCode hardware platforms.

The WG has also started to look into areas of PX4 that need refactoring (this is important for improving maintainability and keeping the platform accessible to new contributors). The commander module in PX4 has been identified and initial discussion has started for a redesign and legacy code transition.

Plan for next month

  • Add initial software in the loop autopilot backend with a simple mission for each vehicle type.
  • Add an embedded hardware target (likely starting with a Pixhawk).
  • Establish testing code coverage baseline.
  • Create simple documentation to encourage contributions with corresponding test coverage.
  • Schedule a regular WG meeting.


There is a lot to test and limited resources (both in terms of developer time and testing hardware).

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