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Sunflower Labs Joins Dronecode

By February 1, 2023Announcements

Sunflower Labs today joins Dronecode to continue supporting the open-source community. They are the creators of the Beehive, a powerful drone-in-a-box solution for security applications. They are a long time supporter and users of PX4 and Pixhawk, with their membership they aim to continue their support and to collaborate with the wider community.

“It would have been impossible to build a product such as the Sunflower Labs autonomous security drone without the open source community. Amazing contributions of thousands of individuals to the Dronecode projects advanced the development of UAS vehicles by decades. We have greatly benefited from these generous contributions, as well as the interactions with the community. While we are officially joining as members today, we have been participants and contributors of the Pixhawk project for years and we are proud to be a part of it.”

Nicolas de Palézieux dit Falconnet, VP of R&D at Sunflower Labs

Sunflower Labs is excited to implement the latest Pixhawk Standards on their new products, and is working closely with Dronecode to help expand the Pixhawk Ecosystem for the greater good of our community and industry.

Read more about Sunflower Labs and their recent developments on their website.

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