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DroneBlocks Joins Dronecode

By April 20, 2023Announcements

DroneBlocks has joined Dronecode to better integrate open source technologies into STEM classroom environments. They have created software, drone simulation, and a custom tailored curriculum laser-focused on making it as easy for students to jump into drone development with as little friction as possible. By joining the Dronecode Foundation, they will establish a stronger path from early STEM education to successful engineering careers.

“At DroneBlocks we have been at the forefront of creating engaging STEM learning experiences with drones, block coding, and curriculum. It is with great enthusiasm that we join the Dronecode Foundation. We have followed the community for many years and benefitted from several projects hosted by the Foundation. Our intent is to increase our footprint by making the DroneBlocks app compatible with PX4-based drones and bring them into the classroom. We look forward to giving back to the community that has been instrumental in moving the open source drone industry forward.”

Dennis Baldwin, Founder

From drag and drop coding to modular drone kits, the work DroneBlocks has done to make drone development accessible to all age groups and skill levels is truly phenomenal. Utilizing drones, students receive tangible feedback on their programming and are empowered to learn through action and experimentation. 

Ramón Roche

Author Ramón Roche

Ramon is Dronecode's General Manager, you can read more about him on LinkedIn

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