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Kittyhawk joins Dronecode

By July 28, 2022Announcements

Kittyhawk today joins Dronecode to collaborate with the open-source community. The company behind the successful H2 experimental eVTOL joins as a Silver member. By becoming a member of the Dronecode community, they hope to advance the underlying technologies providing the foundation AAM (Advanced Air Mobility). Kittyhawk is committed to the development of open-source and open standards to harden PX4 for automated commercial aerial transportation.

“Joining the Dronecode Foundation as a Silver Member allows us to help the community extend PX4 components to work in safety-critical applications, including ultimately human-carrying aviation such as air taxis,“ said Chris Anderson. “We plan to contribute and work with the community to expand PX4’s codebase to handle the distributed and modular sensor systems that eVTOLs demand and improve its overall security and reliability,” he said.

Chris Anderson COO & Chief Product Officer at Kittyhawk

Kittyhawk is currently working on what will be the first commercial air taxi. The H2 has proven in trials its ability to fly at speeds up to 180 mph for distances ranging as far as 100 miles. In 2020 they joined the Air Force Research Laboratory’s AFWERX Agility Prime program, which has helped it accelerate testing.

It currently has 16 H2s which have covered thousands of miles over hundreds of flights between them. Kittyhawk targets a travel cost of less than $1/mile, less than rideshare services, truly disrupting transportation as we know it.

Kittyhawk sponsored the PX4 Developer Summit 2022, which took place June 23-24 in Austin, Texas, and online virtually. Their engineering team led sessions at the show, including Federated PX4 with Ian Dougherty and BoF: Model-based Control in PX4 and High(er) Fidelity Simulation with Gabriel Bousquet.

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