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Come Join us at InterDrone

By July 25, 2017July 28th, 2017Announcements

Hello, I’m Ramón Roche, Program Manager for Dronecode,

I’m very excited to announce our talk at InterDrone this year, Lorenz Meier and I will be speaking about the Dronecode platform, PX4, and the tools that surround our ecosystem, our talk is open to everyone attending the conference.

Join us Thursday, September 13th and learn how to leverage the Dronecode platform to create end-to-end solutions, cloud, mobile and onboard (companion computers), we will guide you through the steps and layers and provide insight into the platform.

Dronecode: The complete “end-to-end” open source drone platform.

As the capabilities of drones increase so does software complexity. Dronecode reduces this complexity by providing a complete and fully-integrated/tested software stack that covers drone development from hardware all the way to the cloud. The stack extends the core autopilot software for autonomous flying by adding additional layers, including middleware and higher level APIs to communicate with onboard Linux computers, mobile apps, and cloud servers.

This session introduces the software stack and runs through several examples. These examples cover basic flight planning/surveys, mobile app development for drones, and how to use the Dronecode platform to share UAV information with a cloud server.


About InterDrone.

After an impressive show last year (3,518 delegates from 54 nations and rave reviews) InterDrone returns to Las Vegas Sept. 6-8 in a premier location.  It will feature 125+ sessions for engineers, software developers, executives, investors, regulators and commercial drone “buyers and flyers” in more than a dozen vertical market segments. Three distinct tracks define the event in 2017:  Drone TechCon for builders; Drone Enterprise for those using drones for commercial activities; and Drone Cinema where image quality and range are paramount. 4,000+ attendees from 6 continents and 180+ exhibitors.

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Lorenz Meier

Lorenz Meier founded the Pixhawk project in 2008 at ETH Zurich (teaser video) and grew the open hardware effort into the industry reference platform it is today.

Lorenz created a whole drone software stack with the open source community by founding critical open source projects, including MAVLink, QGroundControl and eventually PX4, which is the core of Dronecode today.

After completing his Ph.D. 2017 on system architecture and computer vision on drones he is now full-time working on PX4 and fostering adoption of open source software in the drone industry.

He won several awards and fellowships for his academic work on computer vision on drones from ETH, ABB, Qualcomm and Amazon Prime Air.

Ramon Roche

Ramón Roche is the Dronecode Program Manager and Lead Software Architect and is also the founder and maintainer of DroneKit.

Before joining Dronecode, Ramón lead the 3DR Systems and Tools team and was a key contributor to 3DR Iris, 3DR Solo, and 3DR SiteScan products. Over a career of more than ten years, he has performed many other interesting roles in the industry, including software engineer, systems architect, tools developer, DevOps, team lead, and team manager.

Ramón is tasked with architecting the Dronecode platform, with an initial focus on developing the best possible Dronecode Platform SDK.

Ramón Roche

Author Ramón Roche

Ramon is Dronecode's General Manager, you can read more about him on LinkedIn

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