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Technical Steering Committee – August 2017 Update

By July 28, 2017Announcements

The TSC Working Groups provide brief summary updates here. More detailed monthly status updates may be found in the Dronecode blog here.


  • Presented the results of  our platform user survey. These will help us understand what Dronecode members and the community are looking for from the project.
  • Presented a proposal for Dronecode and projects branding suggesting many interesting ideas and logo improvements.
  • Still looking at​ better using dronecode website analytics and integrating with the PX4 site analytics.


  • ​The SDK WG has selected DroneLink (working name) as the basis for the new SDK.
    • The code should be made available very shortly.
  • Cloud and Mobile APIs are the current focus.
    • Supported language bindings are being discussed.

Code Quality WG

  • Held first Code Quality WG meeting and decided to meet bi-weekly.
  • Outlined objectives of the WG for new participants.
  • Discussed
    • Testing needed.
    • Design patterns for drivers.
    • How to stage code that hasn’t yet received broad in-flight testing.
    • Getting/producing unit tests for submitted code.
  • CQWG tag in Github is now available.
  • A github project will be set up for Code Quality WG for issue management
  • Will be working on setting up docker container for last 2 versions of ROS for testing missions.
  • Met with FAA representative to get input on requirements for compliance and discussed how to possibly make it easier for Dronecode adopters to certify their solutions.

Camera API WG

  • Decided to use XML vs JSON. Did not want to deal with code in JSON for constraint management and security issues.
  • Prototyping continues, image capture supported so far. Video support is next.
  • Managing HW constraints is still TBD. Seems like a separate schema to overlay collections of cameras that share an ISP would be needed.
  • Discussed requirements for testing the new features. Extending the existing camera simulator seems like the best approach.
  • Discussion at:
  • Video Stream discovery over MAVLink:

Messaging WG

Safety WG

  • No update.

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