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Welcome Iris Automation as Silver Member

By July 29, 2020Announcements
Dronecode welcome Iris Automation as Silver Member

Iris Automation Joins the Dronecode Foundation to help push forward regulations and collaborate with the community on new safe drone operations standards.

We are tremendously excited to welcome Iris Automation as a Silver member. Iris Automation is joining the Dronecode Foundation to collaborate with the PX4 community in creating new standards for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) safe drone operations. 

BVLOS operation is the first step to full autonomy in airspace and aviation, it is fundamentally required for many applications and industries including search & rescue in remote locations, scalable linear infrastructure inspection, package delivery, land and resource management, and urban air mobility. 

Iris Automation currently offers onboard detect-and-avoid systems for BVLOS drone flights and supports some of the best commercially validated UAV platforms, many of which are PX4 based.

James Howard, CTO of Iris Automation, recently joined the PX4 community during the PX4 Developer Summit and talked about what is practical BVLOS today and what’s next from a global perspective on different paths and approaches from regulators. 

“The future of BVLOS needs adoption of standards, expansion of permissions, and eventually moving to regulations, industry cooperation to build solutions, and regulatory certification of systems and subsystems. The standardization process will impact drone manufacturers, integrators, and operators, and adopting the standard proactively will help grow and further the industry and build trust with regulators.” 

Iris Automation sees PX4 and the open-source community already a global leader within the UAS market and will help make the shift that is needed. As a new member, Iris Automation would like to help advance the development priorities around emerging ASTM standards related to BVLOS, including WK62668 developed within the F38.01 sub-committee and contribute code directly to the PX4, QGroundControl, and MAVLink, and partnering through Dronecode on a potential BVLOS workgroup.

🎦 Watch James Howard’s presentation at the PX4 Developer Summit Virtual 2020

The BVLOS future of drone software and industry standardization — PX4 Developer Summit 2020
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