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Technical Steering Committee – July 2017 Update

By July 7, 2017July 9th, 2017Announcements

The Working Groups are all active and lots of progress is being made. More people have started participating and discussions are more centralized than they have been in the past. Uberconference is working well for the meetings and Github and are the centers of most community collaboration.

The TSC Working Groups provide brief summary updates here. More detailed monthly status updates may be found in the Dronecode blog here.


  • The UX work​ing group created a survey to help understand what Dronecode members and the community are looking for from the project. The survey closed Friday, June 30.
  • The WG is also looking at​ adding Google Analytics for the website and integrating with the PX4 analytics
  • The UX WG wiki is


Code Quality WG

  • Lots of progress on improving the quality of the code via tools and scanning
  • New investigations into ways to improve code and reduce unit mismatch errors such as
  • Current goals of the Cod​e Quality WG are:
    • Get improved code coverage in real missions
    • Add ROS tests
    • Add comprehensive tests that can be run for each PR but that are not merge gating
    • HIL
      • Mission tests should also work in HIL (may need restructuring)
    • Improve awareness of the testing already being done
    • Add summary page to tests being uploaded
    • Measure test coverage of the code base
      • Consider code restructuring to provide more clarity about what code is in a particular build and the level of coverage of that code​
  • WG page is at

Camera API WG

Messaging WG

  • Collaboration between eProsima and Dronecode member companies, and PX4 community is working well
  • The UART bridge and UDP bridge are working so PX4 ORB topics can now be shared with external processes
    • If PX4 is running on Linux, then the UDP bridge can be used to advertise topics via RTPS
    • If PX4 is running on a separate flight controller, the companion computer can get ORB topics over USB that are advertised via RTPS
  • 1st release of code scheduled for July 13, 2017
  • Code is at:
  • The Messaging WG wiki page is out of date

Safety WG

  • Dronecode has been asked to join the FAA’s Greetings UAS Safety Team and has accepted
  • Progress continues on an Intel BVLOS application using Dronecode with Airmap extensions

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