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Documentation Update – June 2017

By June 14, 2017September 24th, 2018Announcements

There has been a lot of documentation work this month, including site updates and improved inter-linking between our sites and documentation libraries.

The updated PX4 site is shown below.


Some achievements this month were:

  • The PX4 Pro Website was updated in line with recent Dronecode site update. The new theme is a lot more attractive, and navigation is more straightforward. All the main Dronecode websites (Dronecode, PX4 Pro and QGroundControl) are now better connected and unified through a shared theme, fonts, and footer. The bottom of the updated PX4 site (with both PX4 and Dronecode footer) is shown below.
  • All the Dronecode Platform documentation libraries now have cross links to the other libraries. This makes it much easier to find related documentation.
  • The QGroundControl User Guide section on setting up vehicles has been updated to the current release.

Plan for next month

Over the next month we hope to:

Want to help?

If you want to be involved in documentation work, contact us on Dronecode discuss or through our issues tracker.

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