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Setting the course for 2022 and beyond

By April 26, 2022Announcements
At the Dronecode Foundation, we have been advocating for the use and development of open technologies in the drone industry for the past seven years, with a clear focus on fostering an ecosystem based on open source. 

During those years, the industry has faced multiple challenges, and our community has pitched in to help solve the most complex aspects of managing aerial vehicles. We plan to continue working with our members to support the industry by keeping open technologies aligned with current industry needs, looking beyond what lies ahead, and providing new opportunities and solutions.

The PX4 Autopilot revolutionized the landscape thanks to its innovative software architecture by providing a real-time-based modular design with a publish-subscribe-based middleware layer. The project has rapidly evolved from a flight stack to an ecosystem of open tools and projects that further strengthen the benefits of PX4, with Open Standards such as the Pixhawk FMUv5X, and Payload Standard taking center stage in shaping the next wave of development and manufacturing.

Our focus on creating accessible technology lead us to expand on the Pixhawk lineup of open hardware by forming workgroups with some of our most active members. Over the last twelve months, together with our partners, we released the first standards from the Pixhawk workgroup, confirming our commitment to supply the broader drone industry with impactful open technologies:

“PX4 is providing a widely adopted autopilot solution for a global development community including enterprises, academia, and developers. We have always co-developed hardware standards, initially by creating the Pixhawk autopilot. We are now building on that success with more hardware standards that cover“

Lorenz Meier, Chairman of the Droneco de Board of Directors, and Founder of Auterion

What’s in store for 2022 and beyond

First, we are expanding our efforts on open standards, doubling down on the work we have been carrying out over the last two years. We strongly believe standards are the way forward for our industry, and we want to open the doors to any organization to collaborate with us.

Next, with the extra responsibility involved in leading the open standards expansion effort, we are delighted to announce that Ramón Roche will be taking the General Manager role under the stewardship of the board of directors. Ramon will ensure our mission remains aligned with the greater industry and help grow our fantastic community, affirming our commitment to the industry.

We look forward to meeting face-to-face with our community in June for the PX4 Developer Summit, where we will be sharing our in-depth plans and progress in the company of our members and many outstanding companies from our ecosystem.

“The drone industry has a massive impact on multiple commercial and industrial verticals, helping automate and derisk jobs, enabling businesses to offer life-changing technology. Organizations are looking at open technologies to help them reach their goals faster and safer, leading to the mass adoption of open source,” said Roche. “As the new general manager of the DF, I am determined to continue expanding the community and supporting the industry in the adoption of open source.”

Ramón Roche, General Manager, Dronecode Foundation
Ramón Roche

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Ramon is Dronecode's General Manager, you can read more about him on LinkedIn

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