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Platinum member Auterion launches Skynode to accelerate the development of enterprise-ready applications.

(Skynode by Auterion)

Dronecode Member, Auterion, today announced the release of Skynode, a first-of-its-kind reference design that mixes companion-computer, the latest Pixhawk reference standard FMUv5X, and LTE connectivity. Skynode comes with Auterion Enterprise PX4, and you can take advantage of all the features and multi-payload capabilities out of the box.

“Built on top of open standards like FMUv5x, PX4, and MAVLink, Skynode with Auterion PX4 enables drone manufacturers to rapidly enter new markets by making their products compatible with an ecosystem of payloads, components, services, and workflow integrations that give companies the tools they need to deploy large fleets of drones,“

Lorenz Meier, co-founder of Auterion. 

Auterion calls this project a stepping stone, enabling anyone to take advantage of their Enterprise PX4 offering by providing fully integrated hardware and software, providing quality and adding value to their customers.

Skynode will launch in four configurations:

  • Skynode Enterprise: designed to integrate drones into enterprise workflows
  • Skynode OEM: provides the Enterprise functionality at a convenient form factor for manufacturers.
  • Skynode Government: Meeting Government imposed requirements on every component, hardened for robust use-cases.
  • Synode RTA by GE Aviation: for operations that require higher safety standards and certification by regulators, designed by GE Aviation.

Be sure to also check out their recently revamped website, with tons of information regarding Skynode, Enterprise PX4, and the open-standards they support.

About Auterion

Auterion is the leading software platform that powers drones for enterprises and government. Based on open-source software, Auterion drives standardization efforts in the PX4 ecosystem. With offices in California and Switzerland, Auterion has raised $25M in venture-backed funding from investors such as Lakestar, Mosaic Ventures, Costanoa Ventures, and Tectonic Ventures. The company’s global customer base includes GE Aviation, Quantum Systems, Impossible Aerospace, and the U.S. Department of Defense. Learn more at


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