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Dronecode Foundation Community Survey 2021

By June 8, 2021Announcements
Survey 2021 — State of the Community from the Dronecode Foundation

State of the Community 2021 Survey

Complete the Questionnaire for a 20% discount on our store

Community, the Dronecode Foundation Community Survey is an effort to get to know you better and understand how to serve you best.

We put together a yearly Survey to measure some key metrics, including Inclusion, diversity, project adoption, and learn a few ways to use our projects.

The evaluation is entirely anonymous, we won’t track anything (even your IP), and we will publicly share the data on Dronecode Foundation’s GitHub on a new Repository exclusive for Surveys.

We estimate the Questionnaire takes around 20 min to complete, and we are hoping to get answers to the following questions (in between others):

  • We want to know who’s part of our community and what type of company you work for.
  • How’s the progress on our projects going, and how are you using them (PX4, MAVLink, MAVSDK, QGroundControl, and Pixhawk.)
  • Diversity and Inclusion, are we setting up an inclusive environment for everyone?
  • Are we reaching our community through the proper channels?
  • What type of content should we focus on?

Ten (10) lucky community members get FREE #PX4DevSummit 2021 Tickets.

As an incentive and thank you for volunteering your time in completing the Questionnaire, we are giving away a 20% discount to our online store to everyone who completes the Survey within the next two weeks and will raffle (10) FREE tickets to the #PX4DevSummit 2021. And as such, you will be asked to enter your personal details on the last page. 

Please Note: It’s entirely optional to claim the incentives above, but your data won’t be shared publicly with anyone and won’t be part of the published Survey data. So we are only using your data for:

  1. Send you your unique discount code.
  2. Enter you on the raffle for the event tickets.

Take the Dronecode Foundation Community Survey

Click the link below when you are ready to start the Questionnaire. Don’t worry, it will only take a few minutes.

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