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Dronecode Conference Summary 23Mar2015

By March 24, 2015April 11th, 2017Events

Monday March 23rd, kicked off our first Dronecode conference as part of the Embedded Linux Conference.  Here is a summary of the presentations made at the Dronecode conference and Drone related presentations made as part of the Embedded Linux Conference.

  1. Keynote – Chris Anderson
    • Alignment on 2015 roadmap
    • 2. Clarity about what we want from the members
    • 3. Clarity about division of labor between companies and community
    • 4. Improved “Architecture of Participation”
    • 5. Plan for outreach to potential partners/communities
  2. ArduPilot Overview – Andrew Tridgell
  3. PX4 Overview – Lorenz Meier

Drone related ELCConference Summary 23-25Mar2015

  1. Ardupilot and Linux – presented at ELC – Andrew Tridgell
  2. Qualcomm and PX4 -Mark Charlesbois
  3. Edison Takes Flight – Joel B. Rosenzweig Mark F. Brown
  4. Open Sourcing Humanitarian Airlift – Mark Jacobson and Jessie Mooberry
  5. Flying Penguins – Clay McClure.pdf
    • Embedded Linux applications for autonomous UAVs​​​​​​

​​​ 6. Application of Data Fusion to Aerial Robotics – Paul Riseborough

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