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Announcing the PX4 Developer Summit 2021

By May 10, 2021Announcements

The Dronecode Foundation is happy to bring back the PX4 Developer Summit Online on September 14 – 15. After great success in 2020, we are back with the third iteration of our flagship event for the PX4 Autopilot community.

Please visit the official website of the event.

The PX4 Developer Summit is the perfect opportunity to network, learn, and interact with adopters and end-users of our projects. We put together a comprehensive experience for everyone to enjoy learning and networking opportunities to help you in your career and get you closer to the community.

Registration is open!

The registration fee for this year’s event is $100 for individuals and $150 for corporate attendees. Which will cover the two days with more than 8+ hours of content each day. From featured keynote speakers, project roadmap discussions, tutorials, featured community projects, breakout rooms for smaller focused discussions, a virtual job theater, and an official after-party on the last day. By registering for the event, you are also contributing to the open-source community.

Limited opportunity

We are offering $10 registrations for a limited time thanks to the help of our sponsors, a massive discount only for individual and corporate attendees who register before May 24th using the code PX421EB. The early-bird deal is a limited opportunity that won’t be coming back. Make sure to register before the deadline.

Early Bird Discount Code PX421EB
Students and Academia Scholarship Sponsor

But that’s not all. The surprises don’t end there.

Students and Full-time faculty members with a valid ID can register for FREE thanks to the Students and Academia Scholarship Sponsored by Auterion. We partnered with our Platinum Member to guarantee all students and faculty members will join at no cost. No deadline and no discount code. Just make sure to upload a valid ID. (see the registration page for more details), and don’t forget to thank our Sponsor!

Financial Aid Scholarship

This year we are introducing a Financial Aid Scholarship to support the minorities in our community. It’s vital for the success of our community that everyone who wants to participate feels welcome regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, dis/ability, race, ethnicity, age, religion, or economic status. We want to remind everyone we are guided by a Code of Conduct that outlines our expectations for all participants and the consequences of unacceptable behavior.

We hope the Financial Aid Scholarship helps community members who might not otherwise be able to attend—applications for the Financial Aid Scholarship close on July 30th (see the event website for more info). 

Showing your gratitude and making a statement

For all of the community members who have expressed their wish to donate to the open-source projects directly, we are introducing the PATRON registration fee for $500, with all PATRONS getting special recognition throughout the event and our never-ending gratitude.

All the proceeds from the registrations are going straight to supporting the open-source projects. By registering for the event at any level, you are contributing to the open-source community.

An Improved Online Experience

We wanted to let you know we partnered with the Linux Foundation Events team to offer an overall improved experience to attendees, sponsors, and members. This partnership will allow us to focus on what matters most (you) and leverage the years of experience from the Linux Foundation on developer events.

As a result of the improved program changes and our partnership with the Linux Foundation Events team, and to guarantee we can deliver on our ambitious goals, we are moving away from YouTube to an Events Platform designed for Virtual events.

We are sure this year’s event will allow our community to come together and focus on enjoying content from across the wide range of applications and allow for more opportunities to network. Form connections, increasing the open, collaborative nature of our community.

And if that wasn’t enough, we are also planning to host special keynote speakers introduced in the weeks before the event, who will bring a unique perspective to the event program.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The PX4 Developer Summit wouldn’t be possible without the help of Sponsoring organizations. We offer limited opportunities in the form of sponsorship packages to allow companies to engage with our community in impactful ways. And for the first time, we are also allowing for a few limited experience and promotional marketing sponsorships.

The sponsorship opportunities are not limited to Dronecode Foundation members, but our members enjoy unique benefits. For example, all Silver members enjoy a 25% discount on all the Sponsorship Packages.

You can download the Sponsorship Prospectus document directly from the event website, together with some statistics from last year’s event. Our event is the only drone development event that can guarantee you the exposure your brand needs, and our staff will work with your marketing and product teams to meet your goals.

All of the sponsorships are available in limited quantities, and the unique opportunities are, in some cases, only available for one or two Sponsors. Lastly, we are honoring requests on a first-come-first-served basis. Please reach out to our team directly at with any inquiries.

This is just getting started.

We have more coming your way in the coming weeks and months, and as the event gets closer, we expect to have more opportunities for community members to participate.

We are thrilled to finally unveil the master plan and can’t wait for your feedback. Let us know what you think. Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions or feedback.

For more information on the event and the latest updates, check the event website.

Ramón Roche
Program Manager, The Dronecode Foundation

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