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2019 Elections for Silver member Board of Director representatives

By March 1, 2019March 25th, 2019Announcements

Board of Director elections

**UPDATE** March 25th, 2019

Ramón Roche, Program Manager: Dear members and interested parties, in order to ensure the best possible outcome of this election period we are extending the nomination period by one week, voting will continue with the same 3-week period and results will be published shortly afterward as soon as results are clear.

Updated Timeline

  • Nomination (with an extended week), March 4th / March 29th
  • Voting, April 1st / April 19th
  • Results, April 22nd

Silver Member Representative

A total of 3 representatives shall be elected by the Silver members to represent the Silver members on the board of directors, each member can nominate any employee and can vote once to elect 3 candidates.

Election Process / Timeline

Nomination Period

To be held between March 4th and March 22th (3 weeks), in this period Silver members who might wish to represent the Silver members on the board of directors shall present their nominations, the nomination requirements are as follows:

Requirements for nominees

Each nominee must provide the following requirements to be considered for election.

  • Reasons for the candidacy
  • Qualifications for the position
  • Proof of qualifications
  • Must be an employee of a Silver Member in good standing by the time elections are held.

How to nominate an employee

In the name of transparency and to make this process frictionless, we will request nominations to be submitted on our forums, while the nomination period is open, create a new post on the newly created Silver Members sub-category on our forums.



Subject: COMPANY NAME, EMPLOYEE NAME, application for 2019 Silver member elections


Reasons for candidacy:

My reasons for my candidacy are the following…


The following is a list of my recent accomplishments in the industry,
a link to my LinkedIn (or online resume) and proof of my previous
involvement in the Dronecode community.

Examples of proof of involvement, links, photos, contributions etc..

About my sponsor COMPANY NAME

My employer COMPANY NAME is involved in the community in the
following way and has agreed to sponsor my nomination.

NOTE: Only applications meeting the requirements listed above will be considered for election.


Voting Period

At the end of the nomination period, all the nominees that met the eligibility requirements will be able to participate in the election. All silver members will have the opportunity to cast a vote, voting will commence on March 25th and will end on April 12th (3 weeks).


Every active silver member has a right to cast a vote; we will create a new post on our forums with a mechanism to register votes, via google form or otherwise.


After the voting period ends, we will post the results in a new post, welcoming the new silver member representatives on our forums.

Newly elected representatives

The first order of business for the newly elected representatives will be to participate in the next board meeting scheduled for April 16th.

Ramón Roche

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