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Welcome Sojourn as Silver Member

By August 28, 2020Announcements

We welcome Sojourn as a Silver member to the Dronecode Foundation. Founded by Sven Mesecke and Matt Freie in 2019, Sojourn is a ground-breaking computer vision and supply chain platform technology that provides a new layer within the drone navigation stack to enable precise and persistent delivery pinpoints.

Sojourn’s unique techniques form an end-to-end SaaS platform that aims to bridge the gap between human intent and drone purpose, allowing goods to be delivered via drone or human courier down to the exact location requested by a customer or operator. The solution offers an advanced computer vision stack that processes real-time on device in mobile, wearable and embedded systems with a secure cloud infrastructure accessible by operators via either API or CRM.

Sojourn discovered PX4 as the go-to solution for open source drone autopilots while researching autonomous architecture options last year. After attending PX4 DevSummit Virtual 2020, they decided to join Dronecode Foundation and collaborate with our community. 

“We are excited to support the work of Dronecode Foundation and to participate with other companies in the pursuit of open source innovations for the benefit of the autonomous industry,” said Sven Mesecke, CEO of Sojourn. The team hopes to contribute within both hardware and software standards workgroups and to commit previous standards development experience from the IEEE, the ISTA and various other successful industry SIGs. 

Sojourn is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. For more information please visit

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