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The Drone Industry voted to recognize our Program Manager as Airwards Industry Impactor.

By May 31, 2021Announcements

Our Program Manager wins Airwards Industry Impactor Award.

Congratulations to our program manager Ramón Roche for winning the Airwards People’s Choice award for Industry Impactor. We are delighted to have you among us.

On behalf of the board of directors, I would like to congratulate you and thank you for all your hard work. We applaud the determination and effort you have demonstrated while working for the Dronecode Foundation, championing our cause and the open-source community.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication. We hope to continue being first-hand witnesses of your success.

Dr. Lorenz Meier
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Founder of PX4 Autopilot, and Co-Founder of Auterion.

About Airwards

Airwards is a not-for-profit awards platform dedicated to identifying, recognising and championing positive drone use. The first digital awards platform of its kind to champion positive drone use cases internationally, Airwards is open to a range of individuals and companies, including drone specialists transforming an industry, startups using drone technology for creative solutions, and large corporations driving innovation.

Winners successfully met the Airwards criteria, centred on:

  • Innovation: promoting pioneering ideas that are successfully challenging the perception of what a drone is and can be.
  • Responsibility: recognizing this key aspect of every drone flight to advocate legitimate behavior as best practice standard).
  • Impactful real-world solutions: asking: ‘How are drones making a difference?’ by demonstrating quantifiable outcomes and real-world solutions.

Airwards judges include global leaders, pre-eminent drone experts, and industry specialists curated to reflect the diverse range of innovation and incredible work accomplished by the international drone industry. They are committed to sharing positive use cases and cross-sector knowledge, inspiring different industries to collaborate and innovate, facilitating commercial opportunities, and educating the wider public on drones as safe solutions to real-world problems.

For more information on the Airwards 20/21 winners, visit

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