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Technical Steering Committee – October 2017 Update

By October 8, 2017Announcements

The TSC Working Groups provide brief summary updates here. More detailed monthly status updates may be found in the Dronecode blog here.


  • The SDK strategy to support multiple vendors with customized SDKs based on DroneCore is still being worked on. An introspect-able API is needed.
  • Work is ongoing for gRPC support for multiple language bindings. Integration of the DroneCore into more PX4 CI testing is TBD.

Messaging WG

  • The meeting was postponed as several people were away on vacation.
  • If the ROS 2 API’s are stable at the beginning of 2018, we can look at adding ROS 2 support to the Dronecode Platform.
  • The messaging WG will also be working with the SDK WG to evolve the SDK in ways that may not work well over MAVLink.
  • The biggest missing piece of the RTPS support is broader testing. EProsima is going to have a look at this.

Safety WG

  • The Safety WG’s FAA Part 107 waiver application has been submitted and is now being considered by the FAA.  This is the first to formally describe the Dronecode stack and begin the process of platform-based certification.


The group have suspended activities temporarily while the main participants are occupied with other commitments.

Code Quality WG

Progress in Code Quality is being made on several fronts:

  • ​Rewrite of the Commander module
  • Code coverage using gcov
  • Architectural redesign for modularity, decoupling, and extensibility.

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