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PXFMini Open Shield for Raspberry Pi Zero released by Erle Robotics

By January 8, 2016April 11th, 2017Announcements

Erle Robotics, a Silver member of the Dronecode has just announced a new 69 € autopilot shield for Raspberry Pi Zero: the PXFmini. This tiny daughter board allows anyone to create ready-to-fly autopilots with support for Dronecode’s APM and PX4 (a work in progress) flight stacks on top of the inexpensive $5 Raspberry Pi Zero.

The shield has been designed with a low cost attitude and specially for the Raspbery Pi Zero but it is also compatible with other boards from the Raspberry Pi family.

The board complies with the new Dronecode Connector Standard and delivers:


  • 8 PWM servo outputs

  • PPMSUM input

  • MPU9250 Inertial Measurement Unit

  • MS5611 digital Barometer

  • Power module connector

  • UART, 2x I2C for extensions

  • 3 status LED

The smallest Linux autopilot within Dronecode

With its 31mm x 71 mm and only 15 grams, the PXFmini together with the Raspberry Pi Zero form the smallest Linux autopilot with support for the Dronecode flight stacks in the market.

The design is based on previous iterations with proper APM upstream support and provides 8 PWM output channels as well as a PPMSUM input. It’s embeds all the power electronics necessary to comply with most of the existing components for drones using its 2xI2C and UART extension ports.

Gravity sensors, digital compass, gyroscopes and more

PXFmini includes a 9 axes MPU9250 Inertial Measurement Unit delivering 3 axes acelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes.It also includes an MS5611 digital barometer and an ADC for voltage measurements.

Dronecode Autopilot Connector Standard compliant

The PXFmini complies with the Dronecode Autopilot Connector Standard and makes use of the JST GH connectors to provide an amazing new experience. Forget about breaking connectors, the new JST GH provide:

  • Secure and simple locking/unlocking structure

  • Prevention of contact deformation

  • Clear engagement with click sounds

Open design

Erle Robotics will be opening up the schematics so that others can build on top

The PXFmini is now available at Erle Robotics webstore and will start shipping next February 2016.

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