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MMC joining Dronecode Foundation to enhance the hardware capabilities of the ecosystem

By November 21, 2020November 22nd, 2020Announcements

Founded in 2009, MMC is a professional drone manufacturer specializing in the industrial-grade UAV systems. MMC is committed to the development of standardized and modular UAV systems and parts. The products and solutions of MMC are widely distributed in the public security, search & rescue, energy inspection and survey & mapping sectors. As a company with abundant manufacturing experience, MMC owns a 30000 sqft facility in Shenzhen, China and manufactures thousands of drones, payloads, ground stations and accessories in house each year.

Other than drone systems, MMC has also developed a series of open-source UAV controllers and ground stations adapted to the PX4 firmware. The newly launched Etlas Mobile 2 ground station is integrated with long-range 2.4GHZ video transmission module and the communication distance can reach up to 20KM. Etlas mobile 2 is also the first QGC based smart controller that supports dual control mode.

Upon joining Dronecode Foundation, MMC will participated in multiple open standard workgroups to further enhance the growth and standardization of the open drone ecosystem. MMC is also willing to share its manufacturing capabilities with the whole communities to develop and build the hardware that meet the DS standards.

“We look forward to enabling the whole drone community with our manufacturing capacity and shorten the process from prototype to production.” – Gary Gu, Vice President of MMC

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