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Join Us for Dronecode Workshop and Flight Day in Dublin, Ireland.

By September 4, 2015December 17th, 2017Announcements

The Dronecode Project is proud to present its first developer workshop and flight day in Dublin, Ireland. This event is co-located with the Linux Foundation’s LinuxCon Europe and Embedded Linux Conference Europe.

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Drone Developer Workshop
Monday, October 5th, 2pm-5:30pm.

The Spencer Hotel
Room: Colomba 2

Excise Walk, IFSC
Dublin 1
Dublin, Ireland

This ​half-day ​Dronecode ​workshop ​will ​allow ​participants ​to “get ​their ​hands ​dirty” ​on ​the ​Dronecode ​technology ​stack. ​The workshop ​will ​cover ​tool ​chain ​setup ​(a ​VM​/​docker ​image ​will ​be ​provided), ​running ​simulated ​flights ​all ​the ​way ​to moving ​an ​electric ​servo ​motor ​on ​real ​hardware. ​It ​will ​also show ​how ​to ​develop ​code ​on ​Linux ​which ​sends ​commands ​to the ​autopilot ​and ​will ​provide ​a ​glimpse ​into ​how ​all-in-one ​Linux ​board ​solutions ​will look ​like. The workshop is led by Lorenz Meier, PX4 project lead and Tully Foote, platform manger for Robotic Operating System (ROS), will introduce participants to ROS.

Participants ​only ​need ​basic ​C ​or ​Python ​knowledge ​and ​a ​laptop ​running ​a ​POSIX ​system ​with ​two ​USB ​ports. ​Owners ​of ​a ​gamepad ​will ​want ​to ​bring ​it ​along ​for ​some ​flight ​simulation ​fun, ​but ​it ​is ​not ​required. Please also ensure that your power supply can be used with Ireland’s UK-style mains (230v, 50Hz). Power conversion will not be available on-site, and your laptop will need to run for 3-4 hours.


Flight Day
Thursday, October 8th, 9:30AM -4:30PM
Newcastle Aerodrome
Sea Road, Newcastle
Co Wicklow
Google Map!
Transportation from Dublin City Centre (pick up at convention centre) will be provided.
Lunch will be provided for registered attendees
(Bus departs at 8:30am)

“Flight Day” is a companion event for participants to show off their UAV capabilities and flight skills, network with industry insiders and apply the knowledge they learned from the Dronecode workshop, in a safe controlled environment.  Expect to solve some fun challenges and win prizes. Participants will need to bring their own UAVs, food and beverages will be provided.
Attendance at LinuxCon/ELCE is highly encouraged, but not required in order to attend the Dronecode workshop and Flight day.
The Dronecode workshop and Flight day are supported by 3DRobotics, Atlantic Bridge, Irish Development Agency, Startup Ireland, and the Linux Foundation’s Dronecode Project.

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