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DroneCore Library – Easy MAVLink Integration with PX4

By September 21, 2017July 17th, 2019Announcements

Dronecode is excited to announce the creation DroneCore, our new open-source MAVLink Library for the PX4 flight stack.

DroneCore is the best way to integrate with PX4 over MAVLink!

Yuneec have used DroneCore to integrate with the camera and gimbal on the H520


The library provides a simple core API for managing one or more vehicles, providing programmatic access to vehicle information and telemetry, and control over missions, movement and other operations. Developers can extend the library using plugins to add any other required MAVLink API.

The library has already been employed by DroneCode members to solve many important integration use cases:

In both cases, the users have benefited from having a stable, efficient, consistent and well-tested integration layer to target. They’ve also been able to take advantage of the extensible design and permissive BSD license to customise the APIs as they needed!

At the time of writing DroneCore only has a C++ API. By our first release, we hope to have wrapper layers for Python, Android, and iOS generated using gRPC. At that point, developers will be able to create applications for vehicle-based companion computers, ground-based GCS, mobile devices, and cloud-based service delivery – using the most appropriate programming language for their implementation.

The library is still in the early stage of development, but already has enough documentation to get started and active support channels.

Check it out – we welcome your interest and contribution!

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