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Dronecode Unconference Summary 25Mar2015

By April 14, 2015April 11th, 2017Announcements

We have finally sorted out a few technical difficuties with this new Dronecode site and I am happy to kick off a Blog post about the first ever Dronecode conference held as part of the Embedded Linux Conference.

Wednesday was the big ‘unconference’ day for DroneCode.  There were a number of presentations on all things related to DroneCode. Please click on the links to see the slides for the individual presentations.

  1. IMU Temperature Compensation – Hessel van der Molen
    • Temperature compensation goals
    • Calibration procedure
  2. PX4 VTOL Vector Control – Roman Bapst
    • VTOL support in PX4 native
    • High-level overview of the benefits of the new controller (submitted to IROS 2015)
    • Current simulation capabilities
    • System identification and infrastructure (wind tunnels)
  3. UAVCAN – Pavel Kirienko
    • PX4 ESC codebase
    • ESC developments and test state
    • Future convergence of the individual CAN node codebases
    • The onboard distributed system with all actuators and sensors on the same bus
  4. Automated 3D SITL with 3D Physics Thomas Gubler and Andreas Antener
    • Simulating PX4 with ROS Gazebo – Thomas Gubler
    • PX4 SITL testing – Andreas Antener.pdf
    • Additional capabilities of the 3D physics simulator over standard flight simulators
    • Headless and interactive benefits
    • Logging and post-flight analysis
  5. IMU experiments and filtering strategy – Jonathan Challinger
    • IMU sampling strategy
    • API for accessing raw samples from PX4 IMU sensor drivers
    • handling of delta angles and delta velocities
    • use of filtered and unfiltered data in EKF
    • IMU temperature calibration
    • libraries/AP_InertialSensor/examples/
  6. EKF developments – Paul Riseborough
    • fusing of optical flow and rangefinder data
    • handling of GPS and non-GPS operation transition
    • handling of height above ground estimates
    • special cases for landing and takeoff
  7. Ardupilot VTOL – Trevor Strand and Mike Remaly
    • Tiltrotor Fundamentals
    • Combining The Strengths of “ArduPilot”
    • Tiltrotor Challenges
    • Testing
    • Tiltrotor Road Map
  8. Travis, Jenkins and Hans – Lorenz Meier
    • Travis unit testing and general CI
    • Jenkins automated SITL testing with environment / physics / simulated camera views
    • Hans – automated on-hardware testing
  9. ROS and Gazebo – Tully Foote
    • ROS in general
    • ROS on drones
    • existing ROS use cases
  10. DroneAPI Structure and Usage – Kevin Hester
    • structure of DroneAPI
    • language bindings
    • ROS vs DroneAPI – when to use them?
    • licensing of core components
    • future steps: stats, gcs df upload, px4 support,  mavlink evolution
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