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Dronecode Technical Update Technical Update 2015.09.30

By October 1, 2015March 9th, 2018Announcements



Trad Heli

  • TradHeli 3.3RC11 ready
  • Development of Hover Roll Trim to compensate Yaw Thrust begun
  • Resurrection of old Piro Comp code
  • Continued development of Coaxial Heli frame type


  • Tower app now working with PX4
  • Added onscreen controls to Tower app
  • Starting to test CMake build of PX4 for qurt
  • Fixed bug in px4_poll

Mission Planner

  • Mission Planner 1.3.32 was released with modification to the log browse functions, improving performance with large logs. Support for multiple component ids was also added, for things like the storm32 gimbal. External elevation support has been added via the use of geotiff files, this should allow the use of high resolution elevation data obtained from other sources.


  • New Joystick configuration screens. Currently only for PX4 Flight stack but I’ll be modding to provide support for generic mavlink as well soon.
  • New Qml based Mission Editor is available through a switch on the File menu. Currently an either/or as far as using the new or old Mission Editor. New one is just at testing phase now, not complete and not ready for flying. Likely a week away from completion.
  • Many tablet based UI fixes to make UI better on Android.

MAVLink Camera Control working group established on the TSC mailing list MAV Explorer

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