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Dronecode Technical Community Update for October 26th

By October 26, 2015April 11th, 2017Announcements


Initial implementation of the actively loiter at waypoint has been completed and should make it into master ready for BETA shortly.  This functionality is especially important to boats.  If a boat is loitering at a waypoint and there is a current or a strong breeze it can be pushed off the waypoint as the motor(s) are idle.  This new functionality turns the motors back on and returns to the waypoint if the boat drifts outside the configured WP_RADIUS.

The development of the Arming code into Rover is being completed.  There is functionality within ArduPilot that is now dependant on the Arming checks done at startup and without this functionality in Rover it is missing out.  These arming checks will ensure the vehicle is in a fit state to be operated before arming and subsequent operation is allowed.


  • EKF2 continues to be developed.  This new math’s solution is much faster than the original EKF and provides better solutions under some of the more complex corner cases.
  • 3.4 Release of Plane has been a huge success with users report effectively zero issues.
  • Trimble RTK GPS support has been added to the code base for higher accuracy GPS navigation.  We would love to get some feedback on any users who are able to test with this GPS.


  • Work beginning on improving fence to cause copter to stop before the limits of the circular fence in Loiter instead of going through and switching to RTL.  Ceiling to also be fixed so that it stops again, this was impacted by addition of climb-rate feedforward.

Trad Heli

  • Tradheli 3.3 nearing release.  Setup will not be far quicker and easier for users. Optional servo boot-up test added. Acro and Stabilize mode collective pilont input shaping curves added. To include open-loop gas engine control and ignition safety function.
  • Coaxial helicopter code continues to develop.Added throttle reduction to improve yaw performance. Yaw output reverse option.

PX4 Flight Core

  • We have moved to CMake based build system supporting Make and Ninja and the result has been faster builds.
  • We have implemented code style enforcement on driver and platform layers.
  • We have also made simplifications to the SITL setup and made significant work on new documentation.
  • We have reworked the velocity control for multicopters


  • In process of moving to using PX4 CMake based build
  • Working on refactoring drivers for Snapdragon Flight. Looking at how to make the drivers flight stack independent.
  • Added backtrace support to PX4 (PX4_BACKTRACE())
  • Added patch to Eigen for Hexagon compiler
  • Fixed clang build of PX4 posix target on Linux. This will now enable addition of clang sanitizers.


  • We have made a significant memory consumption reduction
  • We have the first version with ESC enumeration in testing, supports SV and PX4 ESCs
  • We can export UAVCAN parameters via MAVLink

Mission Planner

  • Have implemented a new compass UI
  • Now supports multiple terrain types with Copter
  • We have added basic mavgraphs.xml support for graphing
  • Now support direct loading of bin files


  • We have added search support in parameter editor
  • The new Mission Editor is now online, old map code and and mission planner has been removed
  • The MainWindow is now fully Qml
  • We have added the ability to flash custom firmware for px4flow
  • We have added the ability to flash stable/master/beta/custom for APM
  • QGroundControl will now operate the APM flight stack including all of the flight modes.
    APM Mission Editing is coming
    We have made large advances in tablet usability. We are moving from Alpha to Beta
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