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Dronecode Site Refreshed and Relaunched

By May 16, 2017February 12th, 2018Announcements

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of of a much improved Dronecode website. The site has been redesigned from the ground-up to make it much easier for users to engage with the Dronecode project and platform.

Everything you need to know can be found in one of four main sections accessible from the main menu:

  • About helps readers understand why Dronecode exists and how membership can help achieve us achieve our common goals. It provides a brief overview of our vision, organisation, and members.
  • Platform helps users understand and access the main parts of the system. It introduces the platform sub-projects and provides links to key resources like documentation, project websites, source code and discussion forums.
  • Contribute explains the many ways that anyone can work with and contribute to the platform. We’ve tried to think about the sorts of people that want to work with the platform and provide a guided path to the right information you need.
  • News aggregates all of our ongoing updates, including blogs, release notes, work group updates, newsletters and other information. At the end of the page you can sign up for our newsletter or for email updates of any other posts.

With this update we think you’ll find it easier to get started working with both the Dronecode project and all of our component projects. If you’d like to provide feedback or suggest further improvements, please add comments on our discussion server here.

Note: The site was developed within the Dronecode Documentation Working Group, which includes members from Qualcomm, Intel, 3DR and PX4. Special thanks go to the Linux Foundation for helping us develop our new infrastructure and to Intel for the excellence of their UX design team.

Hamish Willee

Author Hamish Willee

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