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Dronecode launches Airspace management Working Group

By December 12, 2015April 11th, 2017Announcements

We would like to introduce the Airspace Management working group as the next of the working groups we are establishing in Dronecode.
The working group is being lead by Richard Parker of Altitude Angel and we have Tom Pittinger from Airphrame (who has been implementing ADS-B support), Ben Marcus from Airmap, and Marcos Osorno from Skyward.

We are delighted to have participation from these companies and developers working together as we move forward with integrating our UAVs into the international airspace systems The mandate of the group is to: 1. Establish standards used for common data types, units, and formats that all vehicles transmit and receive and common data types, units, and formats that the airspace information providers transmit and receive. 2. To lead the discussion on best practices for how to ensure separation between aircraft, which can then lead to agreement about common response behaviour.

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