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Camera Working Group – March 2017 Update

By March 13, 2017July 29th, 2018Announcements

The Camera Working Group (WG) is focused on platform-independent developer APIs for cameras, and for remote control of camera and gimbal. APIs under investigation currently include:

  • Remote Camera and Gimbal Control APIs
  • Video Streaming APIs
  • C/C++ developer camera APIs (FPV, Snapshot, Recording, Optic Flow, and Stereo)

Check out our accomplishments and challenges for March 2017 below, along with our plans for April.



  • Waiting for feedback on the proposed C++ Camera API.
  • HW Availability for Snapdragon Flight Stereo Camera.
  • Issues with PX4 Optic Flow on Snapdragon Flight
  • uORB issues blocking (should now be resolved).
  • Intel Aero and Snapdragon flight Optic Flow integration with PX4 currently not working.
  • Code availability for Intel Aero video API.

Plan for next month

  • Continue working on Optic Flow support in PX4.
  • Continue working on VISLAM support for PX4.
  • Review feedback on Camera API.

Additional Information for working with Camera and Video


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