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Membership is the best way for corporations and organizations to get involved with the Dronecode Project. Our members are some of the most influential across the UAV industry!

Read below to discover the benefits and opportunities of membership, learn about the different membership levels, and access all the relevant forms and documentation. When you’re ready, you can start the process of joining up.

Note: While membership is only for organisations, individuals can also work with Dronecode and contribute to projects.

Membership opportunities/benefits

Members contribute to Dronecode platform development, enable their products to work with the platform (either hardware platforms or software add-ons), and influence priorities and allocation of resources.

Board members help define the overall direction of Dronecode, while being on the TSC (or a TSC Working Group) provides significant influence over specific technologies and resource allocation. All members are kept informed about developments in the UAV space, and are visibly part of the Dronecode project.

Other opportunities granted by membership are listed below:

  • Contribute and influence the direction of the Dronecode software and hardware eco-system through Working Groups, technical contributions, and earning committer status.
  • Create products and applications and be secure in the knowledge that they will be interoperable in future roadmaps.
  • Attend member-only networking events, where you can interact with market leading partners, like 3D Robotics, Yuneec, Qualcomm, and Intel.
  • Access to the technical leadership of the various Dronecode development efforts from PX4 to QGroundControl.
  • Opportunity to contribute strategic definitions of services that are key to optimizing your product experiences.
  • Highlight your company at key industry events, website and project marketing collateral.
  • Be included in press releases and strategic Dronecode media outreach.
  • Network with other members of the community.

Note: Membership gains you influence, not direct control over developer resource. Companies that want specific functionality can either fund the individual projects or develop and contribute needed code themselves.

Membership Levels

The membership levels are defined in the bylaws (summarised below):


  • Platinum members designate one Board representative
  • 2 year initial commitment (payable annually)
  • $100,000/year


  • Every three Gold Members elect one Board representative
  • 1 year commitment
  • $50,000/year


  • Every 10 Silver Members elect one Board representative
  • No engineering commitment required
  • 1 year commitment
  • $1,000 – $20,000 based on Org size:
    • > 5000 employees = $20K
    • 500-4999 employees = $15K
    • 100-499 employees = $10K
    • < 100 employees = $5K
    • < 25 employees = $1K
      • Under 25 employees AND
      • Either in business for less than three years or under 1 million in Revenues


  • No annual fee
  • No engineering commitment required
  • No Board seat
  • Board approval required; in-kind contribution expected
  • Eligibility: Any association, governmental agency, academic entity, individual contributor or non-profit entity shall be admitted to Sponsored Membership, pending board approval.

Join Dronecode

Membership is the best way for corporations and organizations to get involved with the Dronecode Project. Before starting you will need to download and read the Membership documents:

The process to join is then very simple:


Review the Membership Documents

Membership Application, Dronecode Charter, Dronecode Bylaws.

Email a completed PDF of the Membership Agreement to:

We'll review your application and get back to you within a few days!

Remit the first membership payment to the Dronecode Project

Pay the amount applicable to your membership level.

Start participating!

We will then loop you into the Dronecode activities, introduce you to your industry colleagues, and help you start making an impact.

For any further questions on the membership or your application please contact us.

General Membership

Premier Membership

Associate Membership

End-User Membership

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