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September 3-6 | Rio Hotel | Las Vegas, NV | Presented by

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Learn the roadmap and strategy behind Open Source projects

Connect with project maintainers and core developers

Network with the PX4 Community and Drone Industry


"Scale the drone industry with open standards"

04:45 PM – 05:05 PM, Wednesday, Sept 4th

Dr. Lorenz Meier

PX4 Author
Co-Founder Auterion


"Building market-ready solutions, with the PX4 open source community"

08:45 AM – 09:45 AM, Thursday, Sept 5th
Room: Amazon H-J

Dronecode brings together key members of the PX4 community to discuss the benefits of adopting an open-source flight stack. Experienced community members give you their experience working with the open-source community and provide helpful insights into the ecosystem. The Panel covers topics like “how to adopt open source” and “challenges of working with an open community.”

Ramon Roche

Program Manager Dronecode


Guada Casuso

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Mpitulo Kala-Lufulwabo

Business Development & Strategy, Microsoft

Todd Colten

Chief Aerospace Engineer, Sentera

Chad Sweet

CEO, ModalAI


"How to use MAVSDK to control MAVLink based drones"

Learn from the project maintainer about the philosophy behind the library and get a walk through the top features “Actions,” “Telemetry,” “Missions,” “Camera,” “Gimbal,” “Offboard.” Learn how to target mobile and companion computers by using the language-specific SDKs available. The talk covers testing in simulation, both software, and hardware. The project maintainer is joined on stage by representatives from adopting organizations who share their experience working and integrating with the MAVSDK community. The MAVSDK project is a standards-compliant MAVLink Library with APIs for commonly used programming languages like C++, Swift, and Python. It’s the easiest way to integrate with drones over MAVLink, trusted by leading organizations in the industry.

Jonas Vautherin

MAVSDK Maintainer, Software Engineer

"QGC the easy to use Open Source ground control station for the PX4 Flight Stack"

QGroundControl is an open-source ground control station for any standards-compliant MAVLink system. The ground station supports Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Some of the features include full system setup/configuration (including flashing), live telemetry (with components), video streaming, and advanced mission planning.

Todd Colten

Chief Aeronautical Engineer, Sentera Inc.

"Developing quality solutions on top of the PX4 open-source flight stack"

Learn from project maintainers and organizations who have openly adopted PX4 how to develop modern and quality solutions using the PX4 Flight Stack. PX4 is an open-source flight control software with a permissive license for unmanned vehicles. Built by a community of developers in open collaboration, PX4 provides a single code base for multiple vehicle types, supported by an ecosystem of suppliers, OEMs, developers, and trusted by users on thousands of devices.

Dennis Mannhart

Research and Development Engineer, Yuneec Research

Guada Casuso

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft


Learn the project Roadmap from the project maintainer, and meet the latest members of the Pixhawk family. Contributors and adopters of the standard share their experience working with the open community. Meet and network with the community behind the Pixhawk standard.

Wednesday, Sept 4, 5:45pm – 7:00pm

Room: Amazon H-J



Network in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with the PX4 community.

Thursday, Sept 5, 7:00pm – 9:00pm



Sponsorship opportunities are still available, reach out to Ramón Roche (Dronecode, Program Manager) for more details.


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Securing your hotel and accommodation for the event

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