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Dronecode Board Elections

We are excited to announce that the Dronecode Board of Directors Elections started last week. Emails were sent directly to Silver members to elect one representative as mandated by our Bylaws.

The Nomination Process

Candidates submitted a short video outlining their candidacy and qualifications for the position. The nominations closed last Friday, April 14th.

Voting Period

Starting today, April 18th, until April 23rd, Silver Dronecode members can vote for the nominees listed below. It’s important to note that members are allowed to vote for multiple nominees. The winner of the election is the candidate with the most votes.

Results Announced

On April 24th, we will announce the new board of directors member. Newly elected representatives will be able to participate in the next official board meeting.

Timeline at-a-glance

  • Nomination Period: April 10-16
  • Voting Period: April 18-23
  • Results Announced: April 24

We look forward to your participation in this essential community process. The Dronecode Foundation board of directors elections play a vital role in strengthening the trust and accountability of the project, and we thank you ahead of time for your contribution.

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The 2023 Gold Nominee

Gerald Peklar, Project and Technical Solutions Manager Mobile Robotics

About Me

Gerald Peklar is project and technical solutions manager mobile robotics at NXP Semiconductors located in Hamburg, Germany.
Beeing an RC model and race drone enthusiast he has made his hobby his profession. Gerald has a background in electronics engineering and is working within NXP since 2014 leading public funded projects as well as hardware and software developments within mobile robotics domain. He is also acting as drone test pilot for all NXP internal developments holding EASA remote pilot certificates.

The 2023 Silver Nominees

Vince Poon, CTO Holybro

Reason to join the Board of Directors

The reason I nominate myself because I want to work with the Dronecode Committee to help with the direction of the ecosystem, and to improves the organization’s strategy.
I have been deeply involved with the PX4 Ecosystem and community for the past few years. I believe I can provide great input to the Board and help the organization.

About Me

As one of the main hardware manufacturer for the ecosystem, I have worked closely with the PX4 team. I have been deeply involved with the PX4 Ecosystem and community for many years. I believe I can provide great input to the Board and help the organization.

Chad Sweet, CEO & Founder ModalAI

Reason to join the Board of Directors

I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the Dronecode board of directors for the past two years where I contributed strategic advice to help achieve Dronecode’s annual goals and objectives. One of the core values of ModalAI, where I am CEO and Co-founder, is to advance the drone industry by making our technology accessible and easy to integrate through open source and open standards. In 2022 ModalAI launched VOXL 2, an AI autopilot that advances the vision-based autonomy capabilities of the Dronecode project, with PX4 at its core. Our commitment to accelerating the growth of the drone industry through open source and open standards is very well aligned with Dronecode’s mission. I am excited to run for the board again for this new year and help drive the project’s mission.

About Me

I worked at Qualcomm in San Diego from 1998 through 2018, where the last 5 years I led robotics R&D focused on drones. Since 2014, I’ve collaborated with PX4 leaders to understand the needs and requirements of drone hardware and software that will help developers accelerate the development of autonomous drones. Now, through ModalAI, I oversee the development of our autonomous VOXL autopilots, which are specifically designed to be open and developer friendly. Over 500 global developers are using VOXL with PX4 flight control as the core of their drones. We work with these manufacturers and ecosystem contributors to incorporate and promote Dronecode hosted projects like PX4, QGroundControl, MAVSDK and MAVLink.

Cast your vote today

Voting ends on April 23rd, and the winner will be announced on April 24th.

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